The classic in today's language

Ever tried reading the classic adventure tale “Treasure Island” and found parts difficult to follow? Or tried reading it to your kids and found it a challenge because of difficult phrases and sea-terms that you’re not quite sure of?

You can now enjoy it without a dictionary in hand.

When the boy Jim Hawkins discovers a treasure map in an old sea-chest of a dead pirate, he is plunged into a dangerous, adventure-filled world – complete with one-legged buccaneers, mutineers, and some of the most beloved characters ever developed in the literary world.

Enjoy the classic with your kids in the way it was meant to be enjoyed – and re-spark your imagination from your own childhood – with one of the best ‘piratey-tales’ of all time. In this version, Ryan Peter keeps the original style and spirit of Stevenson intact, while using more updated words and phrases that can distract the ordinary reader if they were reading the 1883 original. Footnotes are included to explain sea-terms more clearly and immerse the reader more fully into the wonderful world of Long John Silver, Jim Hawkins, and Billy Bones.

Read it by a soft fire by candlelight – and, if you’re the type, a warm pipe in your hand!

  • Includes footnotes explaining difficult-to-understand sea terms.
  • Phrases and words chosen by Stevenson in the 1883 original that we no longer use are replaced with more modern, easy-to-understand choices.
  • The end-result is a much easier read that keeps to the style and spirit of the original.
  • Original illustrations also included, as well as the original Treasure Island map.
  • Two diagrams of sailing ships included to familiarize you with the different compartments of a ship, and let you know the names of the different sails, to make the book easier to follow.
  • Complete and unabridged.
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